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Tablet Hire

Here at Computer Hire, tablets are one of our most popular products to rent.

So with this in mind, we’re proud to present some of the very best tablet hire deals and offers to companies all across the nation.

From iPads to Kindle Fires, it’s the versatility of this technology that has allowed tablets to become so popular with the modern market, and they can also be utilised in a variety of ways to benefit your company.

This includes adding an interactive element to any exhibition stand to make your business stand out, as well as increasing connectivity of staff who regularly travel.

The array of apps available on these devices also means that the tablets you hire will come with a wide range of functionality - and will include everything from maps to fantastic cameras.

Here at Computer Hire, our staff are experts in all things tablets, and have extensive knowledge and experience with each of our available models.

This means you’re sure to get the best tablet suited to your business needs - and that you’ll also have a brilliant level of user support and guidance when you integrate them into your business too.

What’s more, hiring your tablets as opposed to purchasing them also includes multiple benefits such as avoiding one off costs, fantastic competitive prices and constant customer support.

Renting your IT equipment will also provide you with the flexibility to trade your model in when a new one is released - allowing you to keep leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in your sector.

And we all know it’s key things like this that will keep your business ahead of the rest of the competition.

But what products do we have on offer?

Our popular tablet hire products

There is a large, versatile selection of tablet products available on the current market - and we offer the opportunity to hire a large amount of these for your business needs.

Here at Computer Hire, we stock the very latest additions to the market from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, HP. We also offer an array of versatile accessories so you can make the most out of your products.

Please find below an extensive list of the models and accessories we have available for hire:

  • iPads (including 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, Mini 2 and Mini 3)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet (including the Galaxy 10.1 with 3g)
  • Microsoft Surface (Tablet and Pro)
  • HP Slate 2
  • Kindle Fire
  • iPods and iPhones (Touch, 4, 4s and 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6+)
  • An array of tablet accessories (including stands, kiosks and exhibition hubs)

Incorporating your tablet alongside other accessories such as kiosks, stands and exhibition hubs really will provide that added ‘wow’ factor. Displays at exhibition stands need be boring no more - in fact, they only ever need be exciting and memorable when you make full use of modern technology to your benefit.

The benefits of renting tablets

We briefly touched earlier on the benefits of hiring your company’s tablets rather than purchasing them, but it doesn’t stop there.

There are a world of advantages that will ensure you get the most out of tablet hiring experience.

These include:

  • Having access to only the very latest software and tablet technology in the industry
  • Receiving constant, expert support for your tablet usage
  • Avoiding the need to make big one-off purchases
  • The chance to test out whether tablets are right for your company

With such great advantages when you compare hiring to purchasing, you may wonder why you ever bought technology in the first place.

The tablet will bring a new lease of life to your company, and because it can perform so many functions it could really revolutionise the way you work.

There’s an app for almost anything you can think of, and most tablets will also come with impressive cameras. This technology will help put you ahead of the competition, and will also secure your position as an industry leader.

The possibilities are endless with this technology, so make sure you and your business get the most out of them too.

Why hire your tablets from Computer Hire?

Hiring technology for your company has never been easier, and here at Computer Hire we take pride in bringing innovative and established technology to businesses up and down the country.

Our tablet hiring deals are some of the best you’ll find online, and we take a thorough pride in providing prices that are competitive and accessible no matter what your trade.

Along with gaining access to excellent products, renting your IT equipment with Computer Hire will also mean you’ll be provided with our top quality customer service experience.

Furthermore, we make it our mission to ensure that all our customers receive a speedy delivery time on anything they wish to hire, as well as offering customer commitment rewards to those who hire products with us time and time again.

Our deposit prices are also affordable, and we provide HAE insurance on your technology if you require it. The device branding services we offer will also allow you to add that extra personalised edge to any product you hire from us.

Our expert staff have experience with all the tablets in our range, so even if you’re unsure of which one is best suited to you - we will be able to offer advice and guidance so that you can make the most out of your technology.

To find out more, have a browse through our tablet range before filling out an enquiry form.

One of our helpful staff members will be in touch shortly to help you take the first step on your tablet hire ladder - and also the first step towards revolutionising the way you work forever.