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Trust Computer Hire For Affordable Apple iMac Rental

If you're thinking about hiring out an all-in-one desktop solution, look no further than the Apple iMac. One of the sleekest machines in the current Apple line-up, the iMac is the ultimate PC for any business that wants the best of the best. Super-quick, super sleek and super reliable, the iMac delivers unbeatable graphics and crystal clear visuals on its 21.5", 24" or 27" display. Encased in a sleek aluminium case, the iMac is the perfect solution for any graphic design, online or multimedia business that needs a super-fast machine which has full editing, design and development capabilities. Think the iMac could be the perfect addition to your business but simply don't have the budget to purchase one? Computer Hire can help!

Here at Computer Hire, we have a range of Apple iMacs which can be hired for as little as one day or as long as three months - it all depends on your business needs and budget. Whatever you're looking for in an iMac, we're bound to have what you're looking for at Computer Hire. Want a modest iMac that can handle simple design and development tasks? The 21.5" iMac could be the ideal option, while the 24" iMac is a great option for any design company that really needs a bigger display. Looking for the ultimate iMac hire option? It has to be the 27" iMac or 27" iMac Core i7 - with 4GB of RAM, Core i5 Quad Core and Core i7 Quad Core Processors and a 1TB Hard Drive and 1TB Super Driver respectively, these 27" iMacs are nigh-on impossible to beat.

Low-Cost iMac Hire For All UK Customers

Here at Computer Hire, we know that every penny counts in business at the moment - that's why we're dedicated to bringing you the best iMac hire solutions at the best possible price, no matter what your location in the UK. Thanks to our nationwide delivery and installation service, every single customer is guaranteed speedy delivery and a full installation service every time they choose to order iMacs from Computer Hire. Not only that, they'll also get the latest Mountain Lion operating system, optional HAE insurance and an optional branding service to give their business the professional edge at any exhibition or open day.

Hiring an iMac for a specific project? Whether you need the latest version of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Photoshop, just let us know and we'll pre-configure your system to your exact tastes prior to delivery. Similarly, if you can't find an iMac to hire with the right spec, just let us know and we'll configure a system just for your needs. Call us to discuss your options today!