Exhibition Hire

Exhibition halls are competitive places, and you need a stand that makes a bold statement if you want to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Not a lot of people know how to do this - but we do.

We have a range of fantastic IT products available for hire that will really add a professional edge to your exhibition stand.

We can help to ensure that your company stays at the forefront of the minds of anyone who attends your stand with our fantastic technology.

We have a huge stock of equipment, including everything from digital signs through to iPads, and it’s interactive elements like this that will create a memorable and positive impression on attendees.

On top of this, hiring your exhibition equipment with also provide you with competitive benefits such as:

  • Quick delivery
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Optional device branding
  • HAE Insurance (if required) and much more

So if you want your next exhibition to be bigger and better than ever before, then take a look below what we have to offer.

Our popular exhibition hire products

So you’ve decided that you want to hire some equipment to make a statement, but now you’re unsure of what equipment you need to do that.

Well, let us assist you.

Our customers regularly choose innovative IT technology for their exhibitions, and favourite options include:

  • Hi-tech glass tables with inbuilt touch technology
  • Touchscreen kiosks
  • Wall mounted information stations
  • iPad stands
  • Interactive pedestals
  • Display screens
  • Touch screens

Each of these products help to add a memorable and interactive edge to any exhibition stand.

Hi-tech glass tables are a great way to demonstrate that your brand is on the cutting edge of technology, and make for excellent ways to display information.

Incorporating iPads along with your stand also ensures that people can engage directly with your brand.

Wall mounted information stands are another great addition to any exhibition. This technology helps to provide information to interested parties even if all your employees are busy with other customers meaning no-one will miss out. Kiosks are also a great way of doing this too.

Digital signage will draw customer’s eyes towards your stand, and iPads can also be set up to mirror your laptop so demonstrations are easy to see and accessible for all.

In short - exhibition halls are all about engaging, standing out, and keeping your business at the forefront of people’s minds. Hiring IT equipment can allow you to do exactly for less than the cost of purchasing it outright.

The benefits of hiring your exhibition equipment

Some companies may consider buying this equipment as opposed to hiring it - yet this isn’t necessarily the best option for your company.

You need to ask yourself how often you’ll use the equipment.

If it’s two or three times a year, then there really is no use in buying IT equipment that is going to spend most of the year sat in the cupboard.

Hiring as opposed to buying will allow you to pick and choose what equipment will suit your event the best - and by doing this you’ll be able to create striking, different exhibition stands each time.

Sounds good, right?

It doesn’t stop there.

Hiring your IT equipment for your next exhibition also comes with these benefits too:

  • You get access to brilliant equipment without high price tags
  • You will always be able to use the latest modern IT technology
  • Our expert team will be on hand to assist you with any product queries
  • Your company will always stand out thanks to the latest tech
  • You can trial run our equipment until you decide which is the best for your exhibition needs
  • You won’t run the risk of wasting big investments in products that don’t 100% fit with your business

Why hire your exhibition equipment from Computer Hire?

Hiring your equipment with Computer Hire will ensure that you receive the great service we provide for all of our customers.

From speedy delivery through to customer advice - we know when it comes to hiring your IT equipment that you want a smooth process with excellent prices.

That’s why we do everything in our power to ensure that your IT rental is efficient and user friendly - and that each item of equipment that you rent from us will be top of the range.

You can also opt for us to come out and install your equipment for you so that you can hit the ground running. It’s service like this that ensures you get top technology without needing to dedicate time to set it up.

We also make sure every product we hire out has all the latest up to date software installed - meaning you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Feel free to take a look below and see if you can tempted into hiring any of our products for your next exhibition event.

If you want to make a big impact - then look no further. Technology is the future, and you want the future of your company to be bright. So make the most of the very latest in innovative technology and propel your exhibition stand until it stands heads and shoulders above the competition.

If you find a product that you’re interested in, then simply select it and then fill in the contact form.

One of our helpful, expert staff members will be in touch soon to assist you further with your query.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0208 9612 555 to find out more.