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Apple Hire

Apple is a brand associated with forward-thinking tech, and they have produced a vast range of modern products that have revolutionised a millions of workplaces across the globe. Here at Computer Hire, we recognise this, and as an IT rental company, we specialise in providing some of the best Apple equipment hire prices you’ll find online.

Yet because Apple is such a reputable brand, some may wonder why they should hire instead of investing. After all, you know you’ll get a great piece of tech with Apple, so why wouldn’t you purchase the device you need?

Well, that’s simple.

Despite how great Apple tech actually is, it can sometimes feel like there’s a new product on the horizon every couple of months. This can prove to be problematic for companies who need to keep up to date with the latest additions, inevitably resulting in businesses constantly investing large sums of money into purchasing the latest model.

And if you don’t invest, you could get left behind the competition.

However, this is where hiring really comes into its own.

By renting your Apple products, as opposed to buying them, you’ll be able to access the latest equipment with ease for as long or as short amount of time that you need them.

On top of this, hiring your products will allow you to avoid large one-off payments, and will also provide you with advice and guidance from our expert staff who can help you to get the most out of your product.

Renting is a 21st century approach to utilising technology in the workplace. So whether you’re an individual who’s interested in hiring Apple products, or a nationwide company, we’ll have the perfect Apple device and rental price for you.

Our popular Apple products

Apple is a popular brand, and due to this, we provide an extensive back catalogue of models you can hire. Some of the most hired Apple tech we provide are:

  • Macbooks
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • iPods
  • Mac Pros
  • Mac Minis
  • iMacs

We also have other Apple products available for hire including Apple TV, iPad stands and Mac Cinema screens, which can be a great addition to any networking or conferencing event on a short term rental contract.

The Apple products we offer incorporate a wide selection of different models, from the most recent through to the older, yet still in high demand, devices.

For example, our iPad selection ranges from the cost effective iPad 2 through to the iPad Air 2, and we also offer iPad Minis. Our iPhone selection is also the same, and we take pride in providing a wide variety of phones including the most recent iPhone 6 and 6+, as well as the iPhone 5C and 5S.

What’s more, our excellent range of Macbooks and iMac rentals are perfect for those who have a creative flair in their business, and we offer some of the best on the market including Macbook Airs, Retina Macbook Pros and the iMac in a variety of sizes from 21.5 inches up to 27.

The benefits of renting your Apple equipment

We’ve already touched on a few of the benefits, but by renting your Apple products instead of purchasing them, you’ll always be able to keep up to date with the most recent releases without using a large amount of money on every product.

The benefits of renting Apple equipment doesn’t stop there. Below are a list of the key benefits for those who choose to rent Apple products:

  • Avoid one-off large payments for tech that will quickly go out of date
  • Have access to our dedicated staff who can assist you with getting the most out of your product
  • Your equipment can be installed for you if required - meaning you can get to work as quickly as possible
  • You will have the opportunity to test which apple rental is the best for you, without having to commit to a product that may not be suitable for your needs.

As well as the above points, there are also certain situations where Apple rentals will be more effective as opposed to purchasing the products. This is especially clear during events such as one-off exhibitions and networking situations.

By incorporating hired Apple equipment, you’ll be able to show your brand to be forward thinking and innovative without wasting money on technology you’ll only get a few uses out of. By utilising iPads, iPad stands and more into your business efforts, you’ll also make your brand more approachable.

First impressions are everything in business, so help us to help you make the best one possible.

Why rent your Apple equipment with us?

Our fifteen years in the IT rental industry mean any Apple equipment rental offers you get from us will be not only excellently priced, but also specifically suited to your business needs.

This is because our staff are experts in finding the best Apple hiring deals for you. And if you hire with us, you’ll also benefit from a wealth of extra benefits including:

  • Speedy, nationwide delivery
  • Customer commitment rewards
  • HAE insurance (if required)
  • Device branding
  • Excellent, knowledgeable customer service
  • Fantastic rental prices

So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at our extensive Apple rental section before deciding which Apple product is best suited to you. Then fill out the contact form and our dedicated, friendly staff will shortly contact you to help you get access to some of the best Apple products on today’s market.

Hiring your Apple products is the solution to the problem in a world where technology is progressing by the second. So avoid those large one-off purchases and rent one or more of our Apple products today.